Hello Gas Station Patrons!

What a fun and exciting first week for everyone involved with The Gas Station! We launched the first token in our ecosystem bscGAS on 8/6/21!

bscGAS rewards token holders with 7% BNB rewards!

The official contract address of bscGAS tokens is: 0x6fabfe7946b23da23ad51dc45167cc2cfd0ce70e

Static Rewards in Gas (Native to the Blockchain). These rewards are payed out on a maximum of 1hr timeframe, automatically by the contract. If you buy and sell before a distribution you will not see any rewards earned. Distributions are done automatically by the contract.

Launched with 3.5 BNB from our Angels. We had a private presale the week leading up to the bscGAS launch. 100% of the funds raised in this presale went into our initial liquidity at launch. At the time of writing this article we have increased our liquidity 3.85x since launch!

bscGAS trading chart 8/12/21

Were working hard to bring the next release to The Gas Station ecosystem. We are currently underway with constructing our DApp for token holders to view rewards earned, total value of their tokens, the total amount of rewards distributed, as well as other important metrics to the ecosystem. This will be the hub for all things The Gas Station for coming months.

What’s next? The Pit Crew has a plethora of ideas to help establish and grow our ecosystem. We are currently discussing ways to implement non-exploitable gas faucets on high traffic, high gas cost networks, such as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. We are underway with development of a Stable Coin bridge to migrate to other blockchains. We even are discussing ideas for NFPs (non fungible patrons).

Angel HODL Program Snapshot will be taken 8/25/21. You must have a balance of 20,000,000 bscGAS tokens with no outgoing transfers (selling or transfer to another wallet) to receive a 1:1 balance of polyGAS tokens!

polyGAS Launch Date: 9/3/21 We will be hosting an IDO for the remainder of the Angel HODL token allowance on 9/1/21 for 24hrs. Please stay tuned for more updates on this.

Lets Chat! Join our discord: https://discord.gg/vaaZ2mrYaq

Our Website: https://www.gasstationcrypto.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GasStation_cryp

The Gas Station is a native gas rewarding token per blockchain. We are building a self-dependent ecosystem around rewarding native blockchain gas.