Updates: Week 22

The Latest Updates

  • croGAS on Cronos Network Launched, Fuel Tanks Rewards have started.
  • We teamed up with CRYSTL.Finance with reward pools in croGAS & CRYSTL worth over $75,000
  • The Gas Station became an Official Sponsor of ApeLabs.education

The Gas Station is now on Cronos Mainnet Beta!

Were sorry about the wait! Originally the plan was to host a presale with dexpad.io however we encountered multiple issues along the path that we finally decided to not go that route and launch croGAS alike how we have traditionally launched our other GAS tokens! This announcement came 1/4/22, we launched croGAS two days following on 1/6/22.

With that being said, croGAS tokenomics are no different from other GAS token tokenomics:

  • 100,000,000,000 Minted at deployment. There will never be more croGAS minted.
  • 3,000,000,000 were allocated to Presale Miners via BSC/Polygon/Fantom Fuel Tanks
  • 1,000,000,000 were allocated to Initial Liquidity via CroDex.app

croGAS & CRYSTL High Vibe APY Rewards!

Over $75,000+ in croGAS & CRYSTL Rewards to earn over 8-weeks!

Stake CRYSTL and Earn croGAS via CRYSTL.Finance!

Stake croGAS and Earn CRYSTL via The Gas Station!

…Speaking of memes. We just had our first MEME CONTEST! Congratulations to our winners of $100 in GAS Tokens & a Common Fantom Patron!

Here is our winning submission from xenoxxx#7040

“Meme Contest?” Didn’t hear about it? We will be hosting more exclusive giveaways in our Discord so hop in and say hey!

The Gas Station becomes an Official Sponsor of ApeLabs

ApeLabs is a education platform with a focus on Decentralized Finance, and is apart of the ApeSwap Ecosystem! Students enroll quarterly and attend full-time classes every-day through the week along with workshops to build a ground floor of knowledge for what is to come in the world of DeFi ahead of them.

We know how difficult DeFi is, and finding reputable sources of knowledge is far and few. Finally, no more sifting through what doesn’t matter, ApeLabs gives students piece of mind & necessary tools for learning.

The Gas Station has funded two full-time tuitions for this semester of classes & looks forward to doing so with upcoming semesters.


We are delaying the launch of upcoming GAS tokens to build an event for their success.

Launches for networks: Optimism, Boba, Arbitrum are being delayed.

We will post more info regarding their launch dates soon. Thank you for your patience.


  • Fantom Patrons 3/5 Series Release
  • Binance Patrons 4/5 Series Release
  • Polygon Patrons 4/5 Series Release
  • Convert USDC to Shares | Bridge USDC
  • Token Locker & Bulk Sender Services
  • & Some HUGE Announcements

Stay Tuned.

The Gas Station is a Multichain Ecosystem with Gas Rewards for Token Holders, NFTs & NFT utility, Bridging Services, & More!

Find all of our links in one place here: https://linktr.ee/GasStationCrypto



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The Gas Station

The Gas Station

The Gas Station is a native gas rewarding token per blockchain. We are building a self-dependent ecosystem around rewarding native blockchain gas.