Hello Gas Station Patrons! Welcome to another week of updates underway here at The Gas Station.

Price Boom!

There has been a sudden price boom on both GAS assets in the last week, sending Patron GAS rewards sky high!

With the latest increase in Gas Rewards (Read in Tax Break!) Patrons are now earning 1% more ether for every buy and sell transaction. Let us put more gas in your tank, and more money in your pocket.

Non-Fungible Patrons: Rare & Legendary Mint Release 2/5


Dual Reward Fuel Tanks are LIVE!

Stake APE-LP (BNB/bscGAS | MATIC/polyGAS) to earn GAS + USDC. Earn even more GAS and USDC in this Fuel Tank by participating in the Price Goals Challenge

GAS MAXIMIZER Fuel Tanks are Live! Stake GAS to earn more GAS. 3% Burn Fee removes GAS tokens from supply, promoting a steady price floor over time. So Fuel Up!

More Fuel Tanks are on their way, so HODL!

What Happened With polyGAS:

It came to our attention with the launch of LP rewards that some LPs were having a difficult time withdrawing their positions at random times, along with generally most users had a difficult time making purchase orders for polyGAS. After a bit of investigating, we discovered a flaw on our deployment. Users could not withdraw LP, nor make purchases at the correct slippage when the contract was holding rewards before a distribution cycle on the ape router. To fix this; we changed the reward distribution router to Sushi Swap, and added 0.01% Supply to the liquidity pool, at the same price ratio as the liquidity pools on ApeSwap. Because of this, we will notice a sudden onset of arbitrage bots that fill the gap between a price difference larger than 44%+
Do not worry! This chart is lying to you! Every massive red wick is not representative of the current price! Please, check the value of your tokens on ApeSwap, Crystl.Finance or on our Website, and as always, buy your polyGAS on ApeSwap or Crystl.Finance!

Meet The Devs.

Panda Pirate — Web Designer

Panda Pirate brings a treasure trove of experience, having designed for the evolving web and mobile devices over the past decade. He primarily amassed his years of UX and UI experience working in the banking and fintech industries. Though quite the incompetent pirate, he is quite enamored of the wide-open DeFi seas and has contributed his experience design skills to a few projects involving liquidity mining and NFT collections.

The Gas Station is a Multichain Ecosystem with Gas Rewards for Token Holders, NFTs & NFT utility, Bridging Services, & More!

Find all of our links in one place here: https://linktr.ee/GasStationCrypto

The Gas Station is a native gas rewarding token per blockchain. We are building a self-dependent ecosystem around rewarding native blockchain gas.